Team SubGroups

Health & Wellbeing

One in every four people struggle with some aspect of ill health. This group will be focussing on everything to do with mental health and disability as well as identifying how we can tackle the City’s statistics for self-harm and suicide.


The church has a unique opportunity to support people facing financial challenges such as debt and unemployment. This group will explore ways in which churches can work together to serve the Greater Lincoln area in combatting these challenges.

Food Poverty

We hear the words ‘Britain shouldn’t need foodbanks’ and yet there are thousands of Lincoln people who have needed to use them over the past few years. This subgroup will be exploring the solution to food poverty.


Jesus was constantly ministering to those on the margins of society, so how do we reach those who feel isolated and set apart from the rest of the community? How do churches break down these social barriers?

Homelessness and the Home

Homelessness is not just the rough sleeping, but is very much not having a place to call home. This group will be looking at what the church is doing to help those who, for various reasons, are without a home.

Children and Young People

This group will be drawing together those who are working with Children and Young people and asking how we can partner more effectively with each other as well as with organisations who are invested in this area.

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