Civic Prayer Breakfast

On the 22nd May, we hosted our third Civic Prayer Breakfast at Lincoln Cathedral. It was so great to see Church Leaders and Civic Leaders come together from the Greater Lincoln. We heard about the challenges and hopes of key people from each of the seven sectors and to then pray God’s blessing on each one. See our prayers here.

As a network, we hold a Civic Prayer Breakfast every year. This is a unique opportunity to invite Christian Leaders to join with Civic leaders from all seven sectors of society to come together. Our next Civic Prayer Breakfast will be held at Lincoln Cathedral on the 20th May 2020.

To find our more about the initiative visit the Cinnamon Network website click here.

Thank you for organising the event it was great to engage with other areas of the community, make new contacts as well as raising awareness for Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

Pete Wilkinson - Police Officer

Sincere thanks for a very well organised event this morning. It was a privilege to be there. As minister to one of the (probably) smallest Christian faith groups in the city, I felt honoured and grateful to have been invited.

John Ferguson - Seventh Day Adventist

I was delighted to attend and found it to be a very positive experience.

Bill Skelly - Lincolnshire Police, Chief Constable

Thanks for the event. It was exciting to hear of peoples concerns and work to encourage justice and peace, as well as relieving poverty and suffering.

Geoff Stratford, Faith and the Environment

I thought it was brilliant! Many inspiring elements to it. Well worth building on and repeating. Most Interested to think about how good intentions can lead to somewhere other than the proverbial place. Thanks for organising it.

Cllr Ric Metcalfe - CLC

Great event... I found not only the venue inspiring but also the positive atmosphere of the event. Based in faith, it created a safe supportive space where I felt relaxed and able to openly share views and aspirations. The faith sector brings a unique approach and dynamics to networking across civic leaders and the track record of sector in tackling poverty and injustice in the city is beyond question. I look forward to building wider relationships through this forum moving forward.

Simon Walters - Director for Communities and Environment CLC

Thank you putting together such a God Centred and community caring event. I thought all of the contributions were excellent and I felt very honoured to be a part of this. Please keep me in the loop even after my current incarnation ends ;-). I was inspired by the NHS prayer that was delivered... I was also very impressed at the level of positive networking that followed.

Chris Burke - Mayor

I just wanted to encourage you and the whole team following the civic prayer breakfast event. It was superb and resonated completely with where at least my heart is at as part of the faith community in Lincoln wanting to bless, love and impact this lovely city of yours! I got the impression from my conversations that the various civic representatives etc were blown away that members of the city community should take such an interest in their hopes and challenges. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can all get up to over the coming months and years. May I encourage you as a steering group to please keep up this sort of creative approach. The good news really felt like good news!

Dale Newman - Safe Families for Children

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