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I received an email today from our children’s school, with information for all parents about what is being taught in school about health and wellbeing.

I am so encouraged that our society seems to be more aware than ever that we need to make our health and our wellbeing a priority and I think it is brilliant that children are being educated about it from a young age. Our Health and Wellbeing sub-group is passionate about seeing churches further equipped to take our place in helping people in Greater Lincolnshire to be healthy and well, especially in terms of mental health.

One in every four people struggles with some aspect of mental health. We recognised that although churches are often a brilliant source of care for people, churches do not always have the appropriate awareness or training when looking after or welcoming people struggling with mental health issues. We were also aware that there are lots of great things happening across the city but that not everyone knows what is on offer or where to refer people to. We identified that there seems to be a need for more safe spaces for people at their point of need and have been liaising with the local NHS about this.

As a result, we identified three action points:

  • Training and awareness within the churches
  • The availability of information on services
  • Provision of positive and safe community spaces

We are so privileged that churches in Greater Lincolnshire are coming together to take action. Please pray for us as we do so, for wisdom and God’s guidance as we take this forward. Let’s also take this opportunity to pray for those in our health services, many of whom are in our churches. We are so grateful for all that is already happening but we would love to be able to do more and reverse the statistics. We believe that with God, anything is possible!

Sarah Belcher

Sarah is part of the Steering Group and a Leader at Threshold Church.

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